How MAGNWALL Can Help Elevate Your Product Displays

Posted by Charlotte Napier on Mar 1, 2021 2:13:25 PM
Charlotte Napier

You know how it is: a fast paced environment and high expectations. Displays are integral to deciding a products’ fate and a customer’s in-store experience. A poorly-designed display can turn them off, damaging sales and leaving you with a bad rep, while a well-designed display can see your sales skyrocketing.

Last month we revealed Service Graphics as the dedicated UK supplier of MAGNWALL - an 100% electrified magnetic display system that we believe can elevate branded product displays by a mile.

MAGNWALL comprises a fully reusable kit of display accessories that are easy to switch out from campaign to campaign. Without screws, grids, and wires, lights, visual merchandise, shelving systems and digital signage can be seamlessly positioned and powered on any MAGNWALL surface.

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Who’s it for?

The beauty of MAGNWALL’s flexibility is that it can be utilised by literally anyone who wants to create amazing visual experiences - retailers, visual merchandisers, museums, event managers and marketers alike. 

Sounding good so far? Here’s how it’ll take your displays to the next level:

Custom accessories
If you want your logo created as a shelf surrounded by light up flowers, guess what? MAGNWALL can do that. YOU decide what your reusable display accessories look like for YOUR brand, a sure fire way to put your unique stamp on things and set you apart from competitors.

Changeable backing fabrics
You’ll obviously need something to place those accessories on. Service Graphics are pleased to be able to provide an extensive selection of PVC-free backing fabrics which can be easily printed and adapted to your campaigns. Not only does this mean absolute flexibility and recyclability, it also cuts down on waste production - win, win!

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No mess
MAGNWALL’s sleek design eliminates visible wires, screws and grids that might otherwise interrupt your creative displays. What’s more, the system’s magnetism means no cutting holes in backing fabric - you can place and move accessories around the surface as and when you need to.

Intelligent technology
As well as being on point aesthetically, MAGNWALL’s innovative app allows you to manage all devices from one interface and track customer behavior so you can optimise displays accordingly. This patented technology won’t be available anywhere else.

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A sustainable agenda
Did you know the UK’s retail sector currently generates over 900,000 tonnes of plastic per year? (Greenpeace, 2020) A shocking figure, we know. Investing in MAGNWALL’s reusable components is not only more cost efficient than spending on new displays each go, you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet.

If you’d like to find out more about MAGNWALL, please don’t hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to answer any questions and get you on your way to electrifying your brand’s displays.

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