The Service Graphics’ Advent Calendar: 4 Ways We Can Help You Prepare Your Seasonal Branded Displays

Posted by Charlotte Napier on Jun 29, 2021 1:45:00 PM
Charlotte Napier

We know that for the retail sector, the season of good will and glad tidings usually begins just as the previous one ends; with much advance planning and elements to think of. Service Graphics are well placed to help with this, considering our extensive experience assisting global brands with their seasonal campaigns. We're excited to already be working with brands and retailers to plan their activities for Winter 2021. With last holiday period being a bit of a wash out, to say the least, let's make this season one to remember!

Read on and open all 4 doors on our mini Advent Calendar (sorry, there’s no chocolate) to see how we can assist your brand:

Window Displays

1. Window Displays

Regardless of if you’re going all out with a carefully crafted presentation, or keeping things simple with some eye-catching decals, the way you portray your brand to passers by can be vital in their decision making process.

The perfect window display should let prospective customers know exactly what they’d be getting if they shopped with you, without them even setting foot inside your store. This could be articulated by a display featuring your brand values, magnification of your products, or telling a story. We work with visual merchandisers to bring their ideas to life.Window Displays

In Store Displays

2. In-store

Incredible displays aren’t just for your windows. Creating feature areas and “holiday” themed POS placement to showcase your products are guaranteed ways to increase sales. There are so many options to choose from!

One such option is our NEW flexible display system, MAGNWALL, which comprises a free standing (or wall-backed) wireless panel and custom accessories kit. The panel is magnetised so when any accessories such as shelves, hooks or lighting (to name but a few items!) are placed, they light up, electrified. MAGNWALL is the perfect option if you want to think beyond just your seasonal campaign. The versatile display system can be easily changed to fit your visual merchandising objectives - move accessories, add screens or other elements, change the PVC-free backing fabric; whatever you like. 

In Store Displays

Another way to spotlight your products in-store is to create bespoke point of sale areas, like those in the photos below. Going for a custom option will ensure your brand stands out from the competition. In partnership with our sister brand, Image Factory, we’re able to produce display pieces of all shapes and sizes. Shelf-ends in the shape of Christmas trees? Baskets in the shape of Reindeers? Cut-out features that customers can interact with? We can do it all, and manage delivery/installation for you too.

Pop-Ups and Experiences

3. Pop-Ups and Experiences

Customers are constantly demanding new experiences from brands. According to a survey by Gartner on the effects of experiences, respondents reported the following to have had the most impact on their lives:

  • Special family moments (24%)
  • Unforgettable trips (24%)
  • Live events (17%)

There’s no better place to start than here when planning your campaigns; easily weave in interactive family experiences that become photo moments, make your seasonal campaigns more like “events” for prospective customers. Service Graphics are able to assist with all kinds of experiential marketing, from building 3D elements, digital engagement areas, to full-scale walk-through activations; no idea is too large for us...after all, this is Christmas we’re talking about!

Pop-Ups and ExperiencesIn the same vein, no space should be left empty. If you have empty retail units or un-used windows, add a pop-up or brand display to fill the gaps. Awkward window or wall? Add a branded wallpaper or decal to ensure every spot is 100% festive. Pop-ups in these locations could even be used to gamify a customers' experience; why not place reindeers all around your shopping centre and make a trail for kids to take part in? We'd love to hear your ideas!


4. Signage

As well as giving your product touch-points a winter make-over, you’ll need to consider signage and site-branding. These quite often fall in high-traffic zones, so are a great way to thread your seasonal campaign further into the customer experience. All of the materials we use for signage and wayfinding are of an exceptionally high quality and are designed to be placed in busy public areas.  Consider directional signage, shop-front and external, as well as floor graphics. Digital signage could also play a part in your campaigns, adding diversity to visuals while maintaining your key messaging.

Service Graphics are well equipped to assist with all the items mentioned here and more; we can handle projects end-to-end, or simply slot in where you need us. We handle and create safe structures to support any design ideas you might have, and are able to provide sustainability consultations to make sure your displays leave an impact on your customers rather than the planet. Contact the team today to discuss your ideas.

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